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“All children are gifted; some just open their packages later than others.”

Strengths are the inner innate qualities that make us all feel most alive and energised and last a lifetime. Our strengths give us the potential to make our most meaningful contribution to life. A child’s strengths often shows up at a very early age. When strengths are combined with interests, children become passionate about learning.

Helping children find and develop the power in them or their strengths is one of the greatest gifts we can give them. To give it a start a ‘Power in Me “event was organised in ELP 3 where children were encouraged to unleash their super powers. A super power that exists in all but used uniquely but each one. We were enthralled by our little speakers who were able to identify & enlist their powers of kindness, helping nature, honesty, sharing, kindness towards animals, forgiveness to name a few. We were also amazed to know that we had an upcoming football player, boxer, Picassos, robotics engineer, singers & dancers amongst them. We even had a super hero who says he is courageous enough to save the world from evil!

The kids made the day with a head start that it is never too late to discover the “Power in us” & build on it.

We said we were so proud of them, suddenly when a little voice said “ma’am shouldn’t we learn to be humble “!

Is everyone listening?

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