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“Lyrical Symphony” – A proud moment @ CPSGS ANN

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We are thrilled to share the wonderful work of our students as a book with all of you as a special moment on this Children’s Day. This fills us with pride as we showcase the products of our children’s creativity.
In the captivating pages of this poetry book, a testament to the vibrant creativity within our school community unfolds. We are delighted and proud to witness the depth of talent residing within our students. Through the art of poetry, they have unearthed hidden gifts, tapping into their potential. These verses reflect not just words on paper but the blossoming of young minds as they explore, express, and nurture their unique abilities. 
As educators, it brings us immense joy to see our students develop and flourish. This anthology stands as a celebration of their voices, a testament to the richness of their individual and collective brilliance.
Please access the book through the link.
We hope that you will enjoy, appreciate and encourage our budding writers.

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