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Listen up, cheer up, Play the ball, Play the balloon! – ELP 1 @ CPSGS ANN

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Entering preschool is one of the huge milestones of a child’s life. Our tiny tots of ELP1 entered the schooling phase of their Lives on 24th June. Some tots were bubbling with energy while some took time to open up. The day today started with a bustling activity at circle time, a time where every child is set to feel welcomed in the class and break the ice.

It was a game, a simple game where the session, was “pass the ball and tap the balloon”.  Children had to pass the ball to their friend standing next to them and after they were done with that, they had to tap and keep the balloons floating high.

There were shrieks chuckles, chortles, giggles and guffaws which filled the class and it was simply contagious!

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