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A twist in the Tale – ELP 3C

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Why are stories so important?  They can take us into a world where anything is possible. From time immemorial we have been hearing and telling stories. We enjoy listening to them and carry them with us forever. But have you ever thought of a “what if” situation in a story arose and the story had a twist to its ending. What if Alice did not drink the magic potion or what if Snow White did not eat the poisoned apple? What if Red Riding Hood had not met the Wolf or Ginger Bread Man had managed to escape! Or simple what if  dinosaurs came back to live with us ?

All this gives us food for thought. It Gets the creative juices flowing and allows us to enter the magical world of spinning a Tale.

At ELP 3c we created an activity for our children asking them to tweak the age old tales and come up with their own versions. The children were asked to Twist a Tale. We chose the story of The Three Little Pigs and the Wolf. We often wonder what goes on in a child’s mind and this activity gave us an insight of how children can change the world with a different perspective and direction of thought.  They came up with several twists to the events that make up the story making us wonder if even Joseph Jacobs who wrote the story will think of these.

Explore the hypothetical with more “what if” scenarios whenever and wherever possible!

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