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It is just Puzzling! – ELP 3B @ CPSGS ANN

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From early childhood right through to adulthood everyone loves to play with puzzles. Puzzles challenges ones way of thinking and helps exercise our minds. We have grid puzzles, simple math ones, word solving ones and so on.
Each child learns differently and puzzles are one of the effective medium for grasping concepts. Matching is an important early childhood skill that keeps repeating throughout one’s educational life in various forms. So today at ELP 3B we picked puzzle blocks depicting numbers as a class activity where, they have to count the objects on the block and identify the correct number to match.
Our children had a brush up on numbers with the understanding of one-to-one correspondence.
The activity raised visual awareness and also helped develop a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of the concept and for most of them it was no jigsaw puzzle to solve!

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