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A-Tisket, A-Tasket – ELP 2A @ CPSGS ANN

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A tisket, a tasket,

I lost my yellow basket,

I sent a letter to my mother,

And on the way I dropped it,

I dropped, I dropped it…..

 “What is better than starting our day with a perfect circle time game A-Tisket, A-Tasket?”Children of our class ELP 2A sat in a circle and sang along to the song which was played. One child skipped around the circle carrying a small basket containing a ball. Each time the song stopped, the child with the basket secretly placed the ball behind one of his friends. The seated had to check if the ball was placed behind them, and if it was, they had to switch roles and skip around others .The game continued till everyone had their turn.

Such simple games during circle time increases social interactions and paves way for an enthusiastic start of a day.

An active mind is a healthy mind

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