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Library – the abode of books, is a mesmerizing place for learners in schools. It develops the initial habit of reading among the early learners. The school library plays a great role in the life of students by serving as the store house of knowledge.

After finishing the discussion on the common words that start with the letter L, today children of EY2, ventured out to explore its sound. Lining up to the Library – was the activity that they had done by venturing out.  A beaming smile radiated on their cute faces by seeing the shelves full of books there! They were enlightened by the teacher about the new place. The children were so excited to choose and see the book of their choice and flip it page by page.

On their way back to the class,  they spotted a ladder and  a few of them were naming it – There is a L..L..ladder. So they were taken to the play area  to climb that object that they explored in their exploration tour.

Thus the exploration for the sound of the letter L has been accomplished!!!

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