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Les insects Story sparks – ELP 2B @ CPSGS ANN

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As a child, who will not   cherish being tucked into to bed with a story? The craft of telling stories is a tradition as the human race; of course we are sharing the techniques ever since our ancestors told their first story.

This is the age of technology and a child’s attention; span because of digital distractions has taken a hit. The ideal way to circumvent these obstacles of boredom and distraction is to introduce short stories.

Insects are fascinating to all kids. We took our children to an imaginary “insect land”where the insects played danced, and sang.  Ann the ant could sing, Gracy the grasshopper could dance, and Hippy housefly and Bassina butterfly could play the violin!

Finger puppets adorned their little fingers which was as close as they could get to the creepy crawlies making them talk and sing!

We don’t need any specific story line or be assigned with specific details to spin a story,

As long as imaginations exist, so there will be no dearth of tales!


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