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The teaching profession is one of those professions that demands constant evolution and it is
this evolving nature that kept it going on full swing even during the pandemic times. The
overnight paradigm shift to the online mode of tutoring did not deter the teachers as evolution
was part and parcel of their routine. Their zeal and enthusiasm for the profession attained a
new high that made them resilient and flexible to cater to the needs of the student community
by getting them voluntarily acquainted to the emerging technology.

As the new academic
year in the anvil, the newly joined teachers were armoured to hold the baton through an
induction session organised by Ms. Jayu Ganesh, Head, CPS Global School, Thirumazhisai
orchestrated by Ms. Aditi Mukherjee, Academic Coordinator who was assisted by Mr.
Sathyamoorthy, IGCSE Coordinator and the Team Leads that include Ms. Kanagavalli, Ms.
Vedha, Ms. Ishwariyalakshmi and Ms. Aadhirai who got the newly joined teachers to get
introduced to the curriculum and to the experienced teachers who act as mentors to excel in
their role. The HR session that revolved around getting the teachers aware about their key
responsibilities and the general dos and don’ts practiced in the school premises was presented
by PRO, Ms. Priya.

The Professional development program is a platform wherein the
teachers get not just exposed to cutting edge technology in the realms of the education world
but also provide them an opportunity to reflect on their approaches to teaching so as to tailor
make the classes to make it appeal to every student in the class.

The CPS Global School,
Thirumazhisai organised a series of Professional Development Programs by inviting a slew of
speakers whose interactive sessions provided the much needed motivation and
encouragement; their resourcefulness in the field acted as a catalyst that strengthened the
teachers. Ms. Vidya Ragu’s session (Influence and adaptability in an Educactor’s career) on
the 7 th of June, 2022 revolved around the patience and poise that the educators must possess
so as to empower the learners and get them out of their comfort zone and strive for
excellence. Ms. Vidya, Founder, Himalayacalling, Skillsgrurucool touched upon various
scenarios that is likely to unfold in the classroom by giving her own experiences as an
example. Her talk paved way for teachers to learn the knack to influence and remain
adaptable to enrich the minds of the students.

The professional development programs are not
complete without a workshop session, Ms. Rini Ghosh, an International Educator gave an hands on training on the ways to decode International Pedagogy on the 8 th of June, 2022. The
teachers from both the campuses (CPS GS Thirumazhisai and CPS GS Anna Nagar) were
introduced to a plethora of online tools and an astounding list of approaches in this first part
of the two sessions planned so as to get the teaching and learning effective in the classroom.
Her speech keeping the crux of the IBDP philosophy at the centre stage proved to be greatly
helpful for the teachers.

The second part of the session is to be held in person with the
speaker at CPS Global School, Anna Nagar Campus on the 18 th of June, 2022. Mr.
Lakshmanan Krish, a Growth Strategist and an Adventure traveller gave an amazing session
on self-realization and introspection to the teachers on the 9 th of June, 2022. His spontaneous
jibe on various issues centred on human emotions proved to be a hit as the session was filled
with loud cheer and applause in its entirety. Mr. Krish deserves a special mention of
appreciation for educating to tackle the various inabilities to achieve one’s hidden potential.

At the outset, development programmes like this greatly influences the educator’s minds that
is ought to transform the outlook of life in the minds of the learners. The Professional
Development sessions hosted by the school not just made an impact on the professional lives
of the educators but greatly influences them to become better individuals to serve the society.
A special note of heartfelt appreciations and thanks to the Young Indians fraternity for
supporting us through providing eminent resource persons whose sessions have proved to
have a great impact on the teachers.






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