Agriculture is such a crucial part of all of our lives yet we often overlook its importance.

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In order to reconnect with this under-appreciated sector, the students of IBDP Year 1
visited an organic farm in Sethupakkam. The exploration focused on the significance of
farming, particularly the rich culture of traditional organic farming methods, a practice
that has greatly dwindled in modern times, and the farm’s mission of replenishing the
population of palmyrah, Tamil Nadu’s state tree. The farmers explained how palm trees
have been recognized throughout history to have great ecological value with its various
uses and medicinal properties and their ability to withstand Tamil Nadu’s natural
disasters. Students were amazed at the vast amount of palm trees the farmers had
planted in their careers: around 40 lakhs!

Students were also introduced to the many types of traditional rice grown in Tamil Nadu,
such as Karuppukavani and Mapillai Sambai and enjoyed snacking on refreshing ice
apples. The IBDP Year 1 students also had the opportunity to plant saplings first-hand,
a task that was enthusiastically received. A fun interlude was exploring the watermelon
fields, filled with watermelons of all sizes. Visiting the Sethupakkam organic farm was
overall a very fun and memorable experience!

Aadila Zakir Hussain, IBDP Yr 1

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