“Behind every young child who believes in himself is a parent who believed first” – Matthew Jacobson

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CPS Global School, Thirumazhisai organized the IGCSE parent orientation for the
academic year 2022-2023 on June 10 th 2022. Back to normalcy, a slogan that is
gaining popularity every passing day in the post pandemic world gained momentum
in the IGCSE Orientation convened by Ms. Jayu Ganesh, Head, CPS Global School,
TMZ and orchestrated by Mr. Sathyamoorthy, IGCSE Coordinator as the session
was brimming with the grins and cheers of the students and parents which earned
the status of rarity in the past two years of the Pandemic world.

The parents who are
the partners in progress were familiarised with the curriculum and acquainted them
with the ethos & culture of the school alongside their wards who are all set to embark
on a new journey in their lives. Ms. Jayu Ganesh, Head of School welcomed the
gathering and gave an overview about the Cambridge IGCSE curriculum. She spoke
in length about the benefits of effective communication between parents and
teachers and the imminent need for the parents to render their guidance enabling the
students to make wise decisions while chosing the subjects so as to aid them secure
admissions in the chosen discipline for higher studies on which they wish to build
their careers.

The HOS also emphasized the school strategy which is based on the
school’s mission and vision that has 5 pillars namely curriculum, collaboration and
communication, culture and community, computing and creativity, sound mind in a
sound body and enusing plan is to work and materialise these ideals through two
Project Development Plans, namely Strengthening of Critical & innovative thinking
through curricula (the progression from interdisciplinary to GP to TOK) and
Commitment to Community( creating awareness about social responsibility through
the ethos of CAS in the entire school community).

Moving further, Mr. Sathyamoorthy, IGCSE Coordinator presented in detail about the
criteria for choosing subjects based on the groups that is enlisted into five curriculum
areas set by the IGCSE with an additional brief on the list of subjects offered at the
school followed by a highlighted note on the mandatory number of subjects that
students should choose so as to make themselves able candidates for Cambridge
ICE (International Certificate in Education) qualifications.

The parents were also informed about the rules and regulations of the school. Later, respective teachers
made a presentation about the scope and assessment pattern of various subjects
and the activities that would be undertaken in the academic year ahead. Ms. Uma
Maheshwari, Student councillor in her presentation stressed the need to groom the
learners as citizens who not just show empathy and compassion but also stay
motivated to make a difference in the world. CAS coordinator, Ms. Swrnalatha
informed the students about the program, International Award for Young People
(IAYP) that acts as an outstanding guide in championing the youth to achieve their
sojourn of honing the skills to develop the sheer intuition for working towards a better

The school management made an earnest attempt through the
orientation program in enlightening the parents about the quintessential need to
create a confluence of association within the family that not just proctors the child’s
learning but also ensures that the learning is facilitated for a better tomorrow
standing akin to the famous quote that states “who you are tomorrow begins with
what you do today.”





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