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Gleanings Lower Secondary @ CPSGS ANN

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Journalism is important because it spreads the truth to people all around the world, bringing people out of their shells and wiping out ignorance. It instils a sense of responsibility in individuals and empowers people with the right information.

With a wide array of communication systems from radio, television to digital and social media, India has become one of the biggest media industries in the world providing ample number of job opportunities to suitable candidates. Currently, Journalism has become one of the most prestigious careers in India for students. Journalism is a vital area of study and to give our students more clarity on its nuances we had as our guest speaker, Ms. Komal Goutham, Principal Correspondent covering civic and environment beat in The Times of India, Chennai. Ms. Komal shared awe-inspiring incidents which she had faced in her years as a Journalist. Students engaged eagerly with an array of questions which further delved deep into the significance of Journalism in todays society, the challenges faced by journalists to provide authentic information and much more!


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