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Fun with Light and Shadow – ELP 1 @ CPSGS ANN

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You are running around in the park on a bright, sunny day, but notice you aren’t alone or maybe you learned all of those hand shadow animals by the fire at camp. But, even if you haven’t spent a ton of time contemplating your shadow, there was probably a time when it was pure magic to your eyes, and we think you’ll agree that it’s one of the coolest toys going.

We hadn’t realized just how cool it was until we had the most wonderful, accidental learning experience at ELP 1 recently. What started as a few flashlights in the classroom quickly turned into a complex, exciting and robust study of light and shadows. The best part? There were no special supplies and it needed just a minute to set-up.

We Set Up A BRIGHT Light Onto A Blank Wall Of Our Classroom. Wow! This was exactly the canvas that the students needed to make their shadow creations. And on their own, our tiny tots started playing with their shadows. They were very intrigued by this discovery.

We explored different shapes, tiny little finger puppets and Scary big  animal puppets  (Not really, of course, but they figured out that if you hold the object close to the light source it appears larger than life )We made our own animal, monster shadows and our own heart shadows!

The activity was so rich with learning opportunities and discoveries that we have almost made it a part of our regular routine!

Have your children ever experimented with Lights and Shadows?! Have fun playing and learning with them today.

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