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A Stellar Accomplishment @ CPSGS ANN

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We are greatly thrilled to announce the extraordinary achievement of Vignesh M  who secured a remarkable accomplishment.

Vignesh has clinched the prestigious title of world rank in Tamil. “Top in the world” in Tamil in grade 10 IGCSE!!!

On 28th of January in a grand ceremony organised at “The Lalit,Mumbai” he was awarded this outstanding cambridge learner award. It was a feast to the eyes to see the cream of the country of just about 100 students  amongst 892,000 entries for Cambridge IGCSE and O Level globally and about 5000 entries in india  gathered to receive the award and it is even more heartwarming to see Vignesh there on the stage with the August gathering of Cambridge professionals.

This laudable success of Vignesh certainly sets the bar high for excellence! His journey to this pinnacle of success undoubtedly involved countless hours of hard work, study, and practice, now culminating in this well-deserved recognition here, solidifying his position as a trailblazer in language proficiency.

Vignesh! As you bask in the glory of this momentous achievement, remember that your success not only brings pride to yourself but also inspires countless others to dream big and strive for greatness. Keep pushing the boundaries, challenging yourself, and reaching for the stars.

 The world is yours to conquer, and with your exceptional talents and unwavering determination, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.

Once again, congratulations on this outstanding accomplishment! The world applauds your brilliance, and we eagerly anticipate the extraordinary contributions you will continue to make in the field of language and beyond

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