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Dino Wonders @ CPSGS ANN

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This week our EY2 curious minds gathered for an exciting scientific adventure with the hatching egg dinosaur experiment! This hands-on activity mesmerized them as they witnessed a colourful and fuzzy transformation right before their eyes. Kids loved doing this easy science experiment. Not only it’s a fun activity for a dinosaur fan, but it’s a great learning exercise too. Children mixed baking powder and colour with water and made a paste like consistency. Then they packed the mixture around the dinosaur. After this kids started to squirt the white vinegar on the eggs until their baby dinosaurs hatched! The colours and the dinosaur toys made this baking soda and vinegar activity so much fun! The tiny tots got so excited when they saw the dinosaur’s tail or head peeking out. This experiment not only provides an entertaining experience but also teaches us about chemical reactions and how they can create fascinating transformations.



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