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A reverie – ELP 3C

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It is not without a reason they say that books are your best friends. While growing up the best habit we can inculcate in our children is reading.  It is an excellent tool to bring about cognitive development and kids who develop an interest in reading at an early age show a better understanding of situations they encounter.

To facilitate this process we took the children of ELP 3C to our Kiddies Cove. A haven of books made especially for our little learners, to carry them into the land of stories.  The children squealed with delight as they entered the room to find it filled with books of their liking.  They eagerly picked a book and found a cosy spot on their reading poufs, delving into the pictures and taking pleasure in reading small words.

Reading to them is another way to get children wrapped in attention. Just pick a book and start reading aloud.  Have them sit around and modulate the story .For every little twist and turn in the plot u narrate, you can see their eyes open wide with surprise, droop in sorrow or gaze in astonishment!

You would have just transported them to the fantasy land you wanted to take them! And that’s exactly what the teachers did too!

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