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The Much deserved Breakfast! @ CPSGS ANN

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The schedule for early learners is unique has always been unique for the schools around the world and generations. We get to hear from our grandparents or parents things like, “When I was in Kindergarten we took naps!” and they are curious about what it looks like today. We even hear, “What do you do all day?” Well, a lot about how that fits into our day. Snack or breakfast time is one such important part of the schedule which has its own benefits. Along with knowing when is the designated snack time, setting expectations for where & how the snacks are eaten, and the behaviour and manners that’s are appropriate is of utmost importance.

20 minutes snack time means we have 20 minutes to hang out, eat, chat. This time means teachers can have a chat with the kids and the kids can have a chat with each other.  So many valuable things happen, language development, friendships and a strong classroom community.

‘A Breakfast with teacher’ is one such activity planned to bring about the importance of eating together as a class and to catch a glimpse of the fun filled snack time in a live classroom.

The children were ready with packed snacks, a napkin & the appropriate cutlery. It ended up being a great eating experience for our tiny tots along with a pinch of learning about table etiquettes & healthy eating!!

We all left with a stomach full of experiences!

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