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World Paper Bag Day at Lower Primary @ CPSGS ANN

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A paper a day, keeps the world awake

This quote makes us feel how paper plays a prominent role in our day-to-day life. With this motivating thought and our teacher’s enthusiastic approach towards the students in instilling the significance of paper bag day the event saw full participation and was a huge success. The eager beavers were engrossed to convert the ever-friendly paper bag into amusing puppets with amazing skill and dexterity.

The paper bag though forlorn in appearance beams a message that isn’t hard to perceive.

Use me! Use me!” I’m recycled. Let’s all have a clean green planet”. It said. Lets not forget paper carries its importance too just like water.

Our children heard the cries and couldn’t agree more. They all had paper bags to use and plastic ones not one in sight.

Probably they were all routed out!

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