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The crust and the core ! @ CPSGS ANN

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Learning about our planet is extremely important for our children as a part of earth science. They need to understand how our Earth works, plus how our behaviours are impacting it. Having completed a virtual tour around the world & across continents, our little explorers are all set to Go underground as they explore the parts of the earth

The class kickstarted with a simple question – How does the earth look like? Our young thinkers put on their thinking hats & we were bombarded with numerous answers – sphere, an orange, a ball. Then their reasoning skills were triggered by shooting the question what will u see if we cut this ball into 2 halves? Will it be empty like a ball or will it be filled with something? Their imagination was knowing no bounds.

From the crust to the core, our young scientists learnt about the three most important layers of the earth. Then, to cement their understanding they were encouraged to come up with an analogy for layers of the earth with any object they see in their everyday life be it an egg, apple or anything.

We were awestruck with analogies like egg, ferro Rocher chocolate, apple, kiwi, pear to name a few displayed by the kids as clay models, real fruits, drawings of objects etc.

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