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Talents unleashed @ CPSGS ANN

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Children are a bundle of energy and always assimilating various types of knowledge from their environment. Any interest may be a talent waiting to be explored. We believe in giving opportunities to our children to allow their latent talents to emerge and flourish. The awakening of a Picasso, the flourishing of a Yani, or the stirring of an Anna Pavlova lies in the opportunities we provide our children.

At the primary section of CPS GS we celebrated the young learners abilities through a Talent Show wherein they were encouraged to showcase their flair for the arts and demonstrate their skills.

The virtual stage was set with children dressed in colourful and imaginative attires displalying a multitude of talents. Performing arts like the mesmerising indo – western dance performances to the vocal prowess of the little singers followed by a magic show was an exhilirating display of the talents by the little ones. Music floated through the air as the little fingers magically hovered over the keyboard playing tunes to perfection. The character plays and crafts like Origami and drawings completed in quick perfection to keep up with the time limit gave an insight of the children’s interests and abilities.

Talent needs an opening to develop and we believe in giving our children every opportunity to discover their hidden skills. Even a small window of opportunity can be the opening a child requires to flourish.


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