Socio-Dramatic Play ‘Art Tycoons’ @ CPSGS Thirumazhisai

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“The artist is not a special kind of person, rather each person is a special kind of artist.”
Socio-Dramatic Play is where children act out imaginary situations and stories to enact different characters and pretend they are in different locations and time. Educators designed socio-dramatic play with the aim to support children’s development, both social and emotional. It helped children accept others who were different from themselves, and to learn tolerance of others with diverse needs.
The day arrived  to celebrate the Socio Dramatic Play  @  CPS Global School, Thirumazhisai.  SDP was celebrated  virtually this year where our Chief guest was Ms. Dhai Abinaya, an established IGCSE & IBDP Art Facilitator.
The day beautifully began with a Prayer  followed by Thought for the day and News reading by our little super heroes. Our little champs were all set to witness the efforts they have put to showcase it to the world. Each student was dolled up as an artist and they spoke on the areas specific to their respective art  and explained on how to master the skill!
It was such fun to witness our ART TYCOONS speaking and acting. Our little ones were thrilled to watch a video on famous artists from all around the globe!  Our Chief Guest addressed the audience and was all praise for the students who had put up such a lovely show! She stressed the importance of pursuing any art form as a profession with her own example. She requested parents to encourage the children to pursue any art form in which they are interested. This was followed by the thought provoking speech by our dear HOS ma’am. The day ended with the Vote of Thanks proposed by our ELP 3 student.
The SDP was a presentation of our ELP students and executed to perfection! Kudos ELP Team!!

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