Our memories of yesterday will last a lifetime. Well take the best, forget the rest, and someday well find these are the best of times.

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Joyful greetings, heartfelt wishes, emotional reminiscence alongside fun and frolic
filled the air in the farewell party organised by CPS Global School, Thirumazhisai to
the outgoing students of IBDP and the final year students of IGCSE. Dressed in
casual attires for the event, the students had the vibes of the stalwarts of the
upcoming generation.

The event began with the address by our beloved Head of
School, Ms. Jayu Ganesh who extended her blessings and best wishes to the
outgoing students. The Academic Coordinator, Ms. Aditi Mukherjee while addressing
the students nostalgically recalled the times she spent with the students and insisted
on using the knowledge and experience amassed all through the years at school to
the best use as they step out to face the real world.

The learner profiles of IBDP and
Cambridge attributes of IGCSE describe a broad range of human capacities and
responsibilities that go beyond academic success. Every outgoing student at the
event was felicitated by conferring a learner profile and a Cambridge attribute based
on a poll which the teachers voted for each of the students who were recognised for
the particular traits. Followed by this, the students took the crowd in a nostalgic drive
as they expressed how badly they wanted to free themselves from the clutches of
their teachers all through the years but at the final moment they reminisced of their
blessings to have tutored under a bunch of caring teachers who put everything aside
and consider the needs of the students a priority. The students were seating holding
their tears as their friends brought back those memories which they cherished.

Overall, farewell parties are events which show the real picture that nothing in life
last forever. The fun and frolic of the event ended with nostalgic memories which
were next to impossible for the students to stay seated without dropping a tear.

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