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Show and Tell @ CPSGS,ANN

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“Tell me I’ll forget, show me I may remember. Involve me and I’ll understand. “

           -Benjamin Franklin

There are so many things that both children and parents look forward to in the elementary school years. There are festivals, celebrations, holiday performances, and learning to read to name a few. One of the simple joys of childhood many parents remember and children look forward to is Show and tell.

Have you ever wondered why Show and Tell is such an elementary school staple? Is it just a fun activity, or is it actually an essential part of the lesson plan?

When early childhood educators incorporate show and tell, we are also teaching them skills for presenting things to a big group, listening to one another, and asking meaningful questions about their classmates.

The topic for EY 1 was “Handling Money”. the tiny tots displayed and spoke about the different denominations of Indian money and what they use the money for in everyday life.

Early years is all about having fun with science! There is no right or wrong way for children to experiment – the fun and learning come from doing!

For EY2, the topic was a hands-on activity of Sink or Float. The children brought objects from home and demonstrated in the class whether they will sink or float. They also put forward their interpretation of the same.

The young scientist of EY3 showcased fun experiments with magnets exploring the properties and uses of magnets

It was a day filled with excitement and learning for our little learners at the EY segment.

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