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A study conducted by the National Wildlife Federation shows that it is very important to save
endangered species, especially species native to foreign lands because its effects can
be felt throughout the food chain. Endangered animals, similar to many other animals,
play essential roles in the formation and maintenance of the ecosystems they live in.
When animals deplete with the environment, it is bound to change the dynamics of
energy flow in the food chain. With the aim of raising awareness about the importance
of saving one such species, the Olive Ridley Turtle, the IBDP yr1 students of CPS
Global School, Thirumazhisai engaged in a dialogue with Dr. Supraja Dharini, founder of
TREE Foundation who have been relentlessly working on this project.

The students discussed on how the turtles were being restored from pollution-based mortality by
the TREE foundation, the different types of turtles and all the different seashores the TREE
foundation are saving the turtles from, including the Odisha coast, Andhra Pradesh and the
Tamil Nadu coast.. It was an extremely insightful session as it helped the students understand
how the team at TREE works everyday for this amazing cause and how the students could
make an impact too. In the open forum the students talked about her time at the International
Turtle Symposium, and how Dr. Jane Goodall OBE was her biggest inspiration and how fulfilling
the job could be if it is also one’s passion.

The IB1 students were also invited to her Kalakruti
Foundation to see the Turtles as a bonus on a weekend of their choice.
The session proved to be an eye opener as to how their profession is life-changing, deeply
impacting the students’ perception of this industry. The students and teachers of IB1 are really
looking forward to going to the foundation and learning even more on the agenda in the near

– Rohith. R. Raman
(IBDP -Yr1)

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