Pre Math activity – ELP @ CPSGS TMZ

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“Children are confident in spirit, infinite in resources and eager to learn. Everything is still possible” _said by Robert Fulghum.

 Children learn in many different ways as per their interest, developmental stage, way of learning, etc. Some learn visually, others through touch, taste and sound. It is an accepted fact that all children love to learn new things by exploring and discovering. They also learn a lot in a play way method and through daily activities. Math is an important part of learning for children in the early years because it provides vital life skills. That will help children in problem solving, measurement and develop their own spatial awareness.

Development of personal independence, freedom to initiate activities and make choices will lead to self-discipline and self-motivation.

The learning of Pre math concept will be successful when the children are able to apply where needed. Yes, as a part of our ELP curriculum, ELP2 children were introduced to the open and close concept which we often do in day to day life activities. This concept was applied to doors of rooms, drawers of cupboards, water bottles or lids of containers.

They have applied the pull and push, clockwise and anticlockwise and take it off and place it back respectively. This activity helped our children to enhance their eye-hand coordination, self-esteem and emotional development. These concepts not only gave them self-confidence but also helped in their emotional development. The virtual platform cannot stop our children from learning and this was again proved.


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