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Musical Medley @ CPSGS, ANN

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Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind,

flight to the imagination and life to everything.”

Did you know… studies have shown that music has huge, positive effects on early childhood development?!  Exposure to music- listening, singing, dancing, or playing- fosters many essential early learning capabilities, including Social and emotional development; coordination and memory and so on.

This is the reason we, at CPSGS, have earmarked a day especially for ‘Sing Along’ for students with their parents and friends. Our kids were bubbling with joy knowing that they were going to sing in front of their parents.

Our little tykes have come in their colourful attires and accessories matching the song they were going to perform. The event kicked off with a prayer song followed by a bouquet of songs from different languages. It was a full house and the little performers had the audience mesmerized and swaying. The tempo and rhythm were just addictive and the parents joined in singing along, creating a musical fiesta!

Indeed! It was an event to be remembered by teachers, parents and the little singers for a very long time.



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