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What better way to experience experiential learning than interacting with the
abundances Mother Nature has to offer! As part of the IAYP programme and CAS,
students of IG 1, IG 2, IBDP 1 and IBDP 2 were taken to Bay of Life, an institute located
in the heart of Kovalam beach which aims to weed out the apprehensions associated
with water sports that is common amongst the general populace.
The formation of rocks in a crescent makes the beach a perfect learning space for
various sports activities like surfing and back floating while being safe due to the
shallow waters. But, even so, there were no stones unturned in ensuring the safety of
the students as the venue was checked by the IAYP facilitators prior to the journey and
the students were also briefed about the general dos and don’ts and the safety
procedures alongside a session on first aid to maintain the high safety standards of our
school. This helped parents feel secure while the students still had fun!
But, as much as the trip packed adrenaline and excitement, the trip wouldn’t have been
complete without learning about the reality of today’s oceans. Mr Showkath, founder
and CEO of Bay of Life, showed the students the harsh reality of water pollution and
educated the students of the measures that needed to be taken. The students, now
equipped with the knowledge of reality, enthusiastically assured him that they will
contribute to improving the conditions of the ocean! And, this was quickly followed up by
an exhilarating session led by marine science expert, Samuel who explained about the
different species commonly spotted in the beach, and even let the students interact with
some of them!
With that, the students were then indulged in four activities: surfing, back floating,
kayaking and ocean theory. The experienced and passionate mentors from Bay of Life
taught the students the basics of surfing and even let them try to surf on their own,
enabling the students to test the skills they acquired. The raised hands of the students
with a smile, as they slid through the waves were a sight to behold! While surfing
required no life jackets, students strapped them on tightly for the kayaking experience,
where they boated with their pedals away in the backwaters available close to the
The back floating activity and the ocean theory were more curated to know about the
ocean itself. The back floating session involved students learning how to navigate
through the ocean waters while the ocean theory session enabled the students to view
the ocean as a pool of opportunities and not as a source of immense fear.
Many students now report being able to surf individually and that they want to explore
other water activities with less fear, thereby achieving the motto of our trip!


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