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Memory Challenges @ CPSGS ANN

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Circle time memory games and finger plays rhymes are not only fun and engaging activities, but they also promote cognitive development and enhance memory skills in children. By incorporating finger puppets, we can add an extra layer of excitement and interaction. Our little ones all gathered around to wear the adorable puppets, ready to embark on a thrilling memory game adventure. We challenged their memory skills by asking them to identify which animal puppet is missing from the lineup.  We Instructed our Children to examine the tray with different items closely and told them to note any missing items. This simple yet effective activity encourages children to focus, remember, and think critically. One popular finger play rhyme that children love is “Tommy finger Up and Down.” Tommy’s up-and-down motions are imitated by tiny fingers in this straightforward yet charming rhyme.  As children participate in this activity, they not only improve their fine motor skills but also learn about spatial awareness and sequencing.  We can craft enchanted encounters that foster developing minds and ignite boundless creativity!

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