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Children’s Day Celebrations – EY @ CPSGS ANN

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It’s a fun-filled day where children decked out in colourful outfits, bringing vibrant energy to the school. On this exciting occasion, teachers have put their creative hats on and come up with a range of engaging activities for the children. From interactive games to arts and crafts projects, there’s no shortage of entertainment for our little ones.  We can see the delight on the children’s faces as they display their colourful costumes, generating a fun atmosphere that makes the hallways brimming with joy and laughter. The energy is contagious as everyone comes together to celebrate this special occasion. The aim is to make this day memorable for every child, fostering a sense of happiness and camaraderie. Children acquired valuable lessons like collaboration, creativity, and expression on the 100th day and Children’s Day in addition to having fun.

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