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Lower Secondary Pongal Celebration @ CPSGS ANN

Being one of the oldest civilizations in the world, Tamilnadu is supremely rich in culture and heritage. Marking the importance of the most significant festivals, the Lower Secondary students celebrated the harvest festival through various activities. The celebration delved into the significance of Pongal which began with Thamizh thai vazhthu and included the traditional forms of song and dance. Our students also engaged in a contest to create the best Pongal ambience. Amidst all the colours, decoration and music that echoed with melodies and a captivating skit which left us with a wonderful message to ponder! – Agriculture is not just about growing food; it is a way of life that connects us to the earth and to our roots.

Highlighting the traditional practice, Pongal was cooked in the traditional way filling the air with delightful aroma. The day resonated with laughter and joy as students and teachers immersed themselves in the festivities, creating lasting memories of a culturally rich and vibrant Pongal celebration.

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