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Every child is an artist” – Pablo Picasso.

With the aim of giving a voice to our students’ perception of the world and a vision into the future, “The little Picasso” event was born on Friday, January 22.

It was surprising to witness the way children had perceived the world and expressed their ideas in an artistic way. With ideas that were broad and clear it was unimaginable to believe these were works of children who were just 6 or 7 years of age. The freedom of expression  or decision making that such an activity accords is immense and we could see how the participants had grabbed this opportunity .  We had doodles, wonders that one can see out of a window and a book cover design all done within 40 minutes.

There could be only one conclusion here: If art can speak a thousand words, I think we will have a million to speak about the artist!



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