Independence Day Celebrations @ CPSGS, TMZ

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At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and
freedom said Jawaharlal Nehru leaving the patriotic fervour reach stellar heights in
unison across the length and breadth of the country. On a similar note, CPS Global
School woke up to a jubilant filled atmosphere as the students and teachers adorned
the colours etched on the national flag leaving gaiety and alacrity enthral the
commemoration of the nation’s 76 th Independence day at CPS Global School,
Thirumazhisai on the 11 th of August 2022 through a special assembly. Dean Koontz
in his book, From the Corner of His Eye states, “Each smallest act of kindness,
reverberates across great distances and spans of time affecting lives unknown to the
one whose generous spirit, was the source of this good echo.” The echo being the
struggle of India against the imperialistic British Raj that also found prominence far
and wide etching a gritty spirit amongst the Korean freedom fighters to embark on a
sojourn to drive away the Japanese imperialism from Korean soil found significance
in the celebration as the school is also thronged by a strong Korean student
community. The school took pride in also commemorating the Korean peninsula’s
stupendous victory over the imperialistic Japanese by hoisting both the Korean and
Indian National Flags in the campus. The celebrations ably took off from the
decorated venue when the host of the special assembly, CAIE 4 students
commenced with the school prayer followed by the patriotic singing of the Korean
national anthem by the Korean students. Rivathira, Liyana, Leelah, Aaradhana,
Madhushree of CAIE4 gave voice to the immortal verses of Mahakavi Bharathiyar’s
‘Achamillai Achamillai’ song that reverberated across the campus. The common
ground on which the Indian and Korean nationals took stance against the oppressive
imperialism was shared by Leelah. Ratiq of CAIE4 recited a Thirukkural that
immortalised the indispensible need of freedom. CAIE8 students sang Vande
Mataram, the song that acted as the driving force of the Indian Freedom struggle for
raising the patriotic fervour to its zenith which was ably carried forward by the IGCSE
Yr 1 and IBDP Yr 1 students through a dance to a popular number ‘Jai Ho’. This was followed by a Quiz on Indian and Korean independence. Later, the Head boy, Aditya
Mukherjee led the school in taking the pledge against Drug Abuse as directed by the
Government of Tamil Nadu. Meanwhile, the ELP learners celebrated the glory of
Independent India and upheld the pride and honour of being an Indian through
various activities as part of the Independence Day celebrations. ELP 1 learners in
their classroom learnt about the father of our nation and made an activity by sticking
Mahatma Gandhiji’s trademark spectacles and slender moustache. ELP 2 learners
made a tricolour friendship band and tied to the arms of each other to strengthen
their bonds, while the ELP 3 learners made National flag themed bookmarks with
their tiny finger prints. The Head of school, Ms Jayu Ganesh in her address stressed
the importance of embracing freedom and also urged the students to always have
those who sacrificed their lives to get the country independent in high regard. She
also felicitated the remarkable achievement of Ara Cho from CAIE 5 who bagged the
state level championship of Kata and Kumite in Karate and encouraged all the
students to take part in extracurricular activities for their holistic development. She
also emphasised on the selfless contribution of our soldiers at the borders in keeping
us safe and also made an earnest appeal to the students to not succumb ever to any
drugs out of temptation or peer-pressure. The Indian National anthem brought the
celebration to a close-as the school stood in attention with the hearts beating in
unison for this magnificent opportunity to embrace freedom with a promise to use it
responsibly by a popular quote by Richard Hancock that states, “Liberty is
maintained by responsible freedom.”

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