Hindi Diwas @ CPSGS, TMZ

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Hindi is a direct descendant of the early form of Vedic Sanskrit, written in the Devanagiri script,
with its origin that can be traced back to the Indo – Aryan roots, Hindi was adopted as the Official
Language of India by the Constituent Assembly on 14 September, 1953. Being the fourth most
spoken language in the world, predominantly in the Northern and Central parts of India it deserves
its place in the category of Official Language. India is a country that celebrates ‘ Unity in Diversity’
and embraces different cultures and languages with elan. CPS Global School, Thirumazhisai,
celebrated ‘Rashtriya Hindi Diwas’ in the school campus. The day started with a special assembly
hosted by the students of IBDP yr1 and IBDP yr2. A beautiful rendition of “Humko mann ki shakti
dena” by Shreya of IBDP year2 got the programme going. This was followed by the beautiful recital
of a Doha and news in Hindi. Reiterating the significance of the day students delineated the
importance of the language. Children from CAIE 1 to IBDP yr 2 participated in a fun Quiz titled ’Kaun
Banega aaj ka Baadshah” and then there was an original composition by Higher secondary students
which was their take on the Covid era virtual classrooms. Also the tiny ones extolled the beauty of
the Hindi language in a beautiful song. It was indeed a day of celebration and also an opportunity
for everyone to understand how language plays an important role in National Integration.


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