“Handwriting is the mirror of knowledge” @ CPSGS, TMZ

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For thousands of years, people have used handwriting as a means of
communication and expression. The continued value of handwriting is therefore
not surprising. Writing by hand can improve memory and even spark creativity.
Writing causes the release of neurotransmitters from the brain that enhance
attention and concentration. As soon as your hand starts gliding across the
paper, learning a new ability becomes simpler. It is also a fantastic technique for
kids to hone their artistic abilities. We at CPSGS always take the opportunities
to enhance the skills. This National Handwriting Day, we encouraged our young
learners of CAIE 1-CAIE 5 to write down a text that was displayed . These
competitions help to raise awareness about the value of handwriting among
students. With the development of digital technology, the charm of handwritten
letters, postcards, and painstaking writing is being lost. But on this day, our
students of CAIE 6- IB 2 students expressed great enthusiasm of putting pen to
paper to show their passion for calligraphy and handwriting. Whether you are an
adult or a child, this day gives you the chance to exhibit your handwriting skills.
Teaching fraternity at CPSGS came up with beautiful inspirational quotes on
the bulletin board.
Promote Good Penmanship and Celebrate Handwriting Every day!


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