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EY last day @ CPSGS, ANN

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Building Happy Memories

CPS global school has always been a celebrative place.

The last day of school is exciting enough all on its own:  saying goodbye to friends, and knowing that for the next few months, you can play (or sleep!) all you want and there is no academic work to attend to!!

The end of the academic year is a great opportunity to relax and rejuvenate. As children prepare for their summer getaway, it turns into a joyous time that starts with the last bell of the school day before we break for summer. On the last day of school, there was a special gathering where our EY children took part in fun activities and revisited the amazing times they had this year. EY3 children adorned their special t-shirts, signed by their friends and class mates and shared special moments with their friends.  It was time to take a break from their usual activities and spend time with their friends and teachers, and reflect on their learning journey throughout the year. The children happily danced, and played games, and exchanged magical hugs with their friends and teachers. Their radiant faces were beaming brightly with joy and pride.

Through careful consideration of classroom rituals, customs, and celebrations, we take great pleasure in making each child’s educational experience more memorable and meaningful. These symbolic actions aid in the development of a vibrant learning community.

With that, we wish all our children happy and memorable times ahead.

Happy Vacation!










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