Dussehra celebrations @CPSGS, TMZ

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The beauty of the world lies in the diversity of its people. Navaratri is dedicated to the nine forms
of Goddess Durga, celebrated across India in different ways. Majestic Durga pandals, beautiful
Golu dolls and energy infused garba performances mark the nine days of celebration. CPS Global
School, Thirumazhisai upholds such cultural fests and in that spirit celebrated Dussehra in School
today. The students of CAIE 8 helmed the entire special assembly on their able shoulders. The
highlight of the event was the powerful skit based on the legend of Maa Durga and Buffalo
Demon Mahishasur. The entire audience was awestruck and it evoked a variety of emotions from
fear to tears. A quiz on the importance of Navaratri was also conducted. The day is never
complete without a beautiful Garba performance which had the entire school grooving to the
tune of the festive garba music. The stage was set, the spell was on and the day culminated with
the entire CPSGS family come together for an evening of dance and fun.

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