Counting on Success: Math Day Celebrations @ CPSGS, TMZ

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“Mathematics is the music of reason, and it has the power to unlock the secrets of the
universe. It is an essential tool for success in the modern world, and we must strive to
inspire future generations to appreciate its beauty and potential”.

– Shakuntala Devi

CPS Global School, Thirumazhisai on the occasion of Pie Day that is observed on the 14 th of
March every year celebrated Math Day by organizing a Mathematical Expo. This year, the
expo was organized by the students of CAIE 1 to 4 and was attended by students and teachers
of CAIE 5 to 7.
The expo showcased the importance of mathematics in our daily lives and demonstrated how
it can be fun and interactive. Despite the rapid advancements in the AI platform, the expo
proved that humans are still unmatched in terms of creativity, intuition, and empathy. The
sessions at the expo highlighted these uniquely human qualities. The demonstrations of the
concept of measurement through measuring tapes and rulers; the display of exhibits created
by students of CAIE 1 and 2 provided evidence to support this claim. The students were also
given hands-on experience in measuring different objects, which helped them to learn the
concept effectively.
The students of CAIE 3 and 4 showcased the significance of board games in mathematics.
They explained how board games like Set, Treasure Hunt, and Risk involve complex
mathematical concepts in a fun and interactive way. The students also demonstrated how
these games can be used to teach important concepts like probability, spatial reasoning, and
strategic thinking.
The students of CAIE 5 to 7 alongside their teachers participated in the games
enthusiastically. In addition to these activities, a daily drop box quiz was conducted for a
week leading up to the Math Day celebrations. This quiz was an enjoyable way for attendees
to assess their understanding of mathematics and earn recognition for their hard work.
Overall, Math Day festivities held at CPS Global School, Thirumazhisai left an indelible
impression on all those who attended. The event proved to be an excellent opportunity for
students to develop love for mathematics, as it showcased the many practical applications of
the subject in a fun and interactive manner.

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