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CAIE 1- Tiny tots blowing off our minds! @ CPSGS ANN

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“A breeze will always blow in the direction that it wishes to go.”

We at CPS Global School believe and strive on experiential learning. The tiny little innocent minds of CAIE 1 were exposed to hands – on – learning experience to understand the concept of wind.

We humans’ best retrieve and retain information if we have a kinesthetic learning involved. Touch and Feel is what we try to inculcate in our teaching at CPS Global as well, and it has been one of the best methodologies to facilitate our kids in the right direction!

 Children were involved in knowing about the different strengths of wind with the help of a straw and a hair dryer. They tried to blow a piece of wood, sand, a bottle cap and chocolate wrappers with the help of a straw to experience the lighter wind. The same set of things is used to test with the hairdryer and they observed the variation in strength.

Excitement was overloaded when a tornado was demonstrated inside a bottle. This gave the children a real fun time experience and learning by experimenting with wind.

Science can help our kids; form a healthy dose of skepticism. It teaches kids about the world around them and can also flame a spark in kids’ minds that they, too, can help solve the world’s big problems.



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