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CAIE 1&2 – Grandparents day celebration @ CPSGS ANN

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Grandparents are special to every child. Their knowledge is invaluable and their love is unconditional! They make lasting impressions  in our lives. Grandparents  are such special people who care  and impart rich experiences in our life. Signifying this statement , Our tiny tots of CAIE 1 and 2 organized a day just for their Grans ! On 14th September, Saturday, as the Sun rose , our school zone  transformed into a bright spot with a red carpet to welcome our esteemed grandparents .It was a mesmerizing sight to see the rich blend of generations holding bright smiles on their faces.  The countless flashes from shutterbug witnessed that each grandparent loved to pose as # Super Gran . All we could hear was loud lovable notes that were being shared by our expressive children to welcome each grandparent. After all , the moment was just for them to perform in front of  their adorable grandparents ! By sheer thundering claps , all we could see was that our children were enthusiastic to express love and to be grateful to have them around in their life.Be it the dance numbers with beats or the melody shower of rhythmic tunes ,our children wowed their grandparents with their amazing performances. It was no doubt that  fun was not limited as the hour was filled with awesome singing sessions and games to connect with their grandchild and to share sparkling memories about their childhood times .

                         Count each day as a blessing. CPSGS acknowledges that the true essence of life is to bind us with our roots and  this Grand Parents day is expected to bring about a positive change in the outlook of the present generation.


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