TOK Bistro 2022 @ CPSGS, TMZ

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Not always when everyone TOKs does it become chaos and cacophony. This was proved today with the TOK Bistro 2022! All IBDP students and teachers engaged in a day long symposium on Areas of Knowledge exchange. What started off as a two-hour session turned out to almost a four-hour long marathon. But not at any juncture did it seem that anyone found it taxing with constant interaction as to how different facets of the different AOKs can be integrated with the core learning achieved by the learners. The Prescribed Titles were introduced to the students and preliminary assumptions discussed. The next session is coming up very soon!
The greatest takeaway of the day was the fact the students now want more such sessions and all teachers to come collectively for all TOK discussions.
Time to work on the teachers’ schedule to accommodate this!!!!

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