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Unleashing Joy: CPS Global Annanagar Carnival Fiesta 2024 @ CPSGS ANN

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The vibrant atmosphere at CPS Global Annanagar on January 11, 2024, was a testament to the success of the much-anticipated Carnival Fiesta. The event turned out to be a day filled with laughter, excitement, and unforgettable moments.

From the moment families stepped onto the grounds, the air was charged with anticipation. The Carnival Fiesta brought together students, parents, and faculty members for a day of joyous celebration. The school grounds were transformed into a carnival wonderland, featuring an array of thrilling game counters and delicious food stalls.

The Bubble House was a hit among the younger attendees. Children giggled with delight as they entered the world of floating bubbles, creating a magical experience.

The towering Sliding Castle provided an adrenaline rush for the adventurous souls. The joyous shouts of kids echoed as they slid down, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Creative expressions flourished at the Mehendi and Face Painting Counter. Intricate designs adorned hands, and faces were transformed into colorful canvases, showcasing the artistic flair of the participants.

The Balloon Sculpting and Shooting counter added an element of skill and precision. Participants aimed for the target with balloon shooters, fostering friendly competition and sportsmanship.

Caricature artists captured the essence of individuals with humor and flair. Children lined up to receive personalized sketches, turning moments into cherished keepsakes.

The Wooden Jenga counter brought out the strategist in participants. Towers rose, and cheers erupted as each move brought the structure closer to the edge.

Creativity took center stage at the Beads Making counter. Children and parents alike crafted beautiful accessories, showcasing their artistic talents.

Cricket enthusiasts showcased their batting prowess at the Cricket Bowling counter, adding a touch of sporting spirit to the festivities.

The Dashing Car area was a hub of excitement as young drivers navigated the course, laughter trailing behind them.

Amidst the games and activities, food stalls added a culinary dimension to the Carnival Fiesta.

The aroma of freshly popped popcorn wafted through the air, providing a nostalgic and comforting treat. Fluffy clouds of cotton candy delighted both young and old, adding a sweet touch to the festivities. Crispy and seasoned spring potatoes were a savoury sensation, satisfying the taste buds of attendees. A healthy and wholesome option, steamed corn provided a delicious snack for those seeking a lighter fare.

Adding a harmonious touch to the carnival was the live music setup, orchestrated by our talented music teachers. Parents and students alike joined in, transforming the event into an impromptu musical celebration. The air resonated with melodies as the community came together in song, creating a harmonious backdrop to the day’s festivities.

The CPS Global Annanagar Carnival Fiesta 2024 was a symphony of joy, laughter, and shared moments. As the sun set on this remarkable day, the echoes of music and memories lingered, a testament to the vibrant spirit of our school community. Here’s to more celebrations that bring us together in laughter, song, and the joy of shared experiences.



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