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Slide a sentence – ELP 3C @ CPSGS ANN

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Innovative ways to keep children engaged in the learning process helps to keep their mind active and achieve desired outcome in learning. At ELP 3C we did a fun activity to encourage children to form sentences. They were given a bunch of strips with nouns, pronouns, verbs and adjectives. These strips were placed in a slider and the children had to move the strips up and down to form different combinations of sentences. 
We understand the importance of creating right and engaging sentences. Our kids don’t. They want fun time. And the activity gave them just the right amount of fun to learn!
It was an exciting activity as the children formed new sentences with various permutations and combinations of words. A pull on any one strip and a new word changed the sentence! “The purple Martian is eating an octopus” to “The purple Martian is learning the salsa” had the children in splits!

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