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Rustic Russel Day 2 @ CPS GS, ANN

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Episode 2 of Rustic russels brought to us the life and adventures of the Torres Strait Islanders. Furry headgears, the sand colored attires and body tattoos making them camouflage with nature. Food and cooking a very important aspect of their tribe. As native hunters and agriculturalists they had a deep sense of connection with the vibrations of the earth. They read the weather and are known to predict rain, drought and floods.  The students brought out the richness in their culture through their traditional Dance form and the ‘’Inanay gupu wanna’’ traditionally sung by the tribe. These stunning performances showcased their synchronization with earthly movements – swaying of trees, the bouncing rocks and   Both Aboriginal Australian and Torres Strait Island and the richness they share and the significant difference between the two tribes were brought out through the diversity in the staple foods, jobs they did, distinct cultural and hunting practices


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