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Nutrition Palette : Building a Healthy Plate @ CPSGS ANN

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“In the symphony of health, each nutrient plays a vital note, composing a melody of vitality.”

 CAIE 4  students were tasked with a hands-on activity focusing on the significance of a balanced diet. Utilizing paper plates as their canvas, they skillfully depicted the incorporation of carbohydrates, proteins, and essential nutrients, ensuring a comprehensive representation of a healthy meal in a group. Each student created their version of a healthy plate, showcasing the right proportions of these elements.

 Upon completion,  students eloquently articulated the rationale behind their plate compositions, highlighting the importance of these food groups in maintaining a well-rounded and nutritious diet. This activity not only showcased their creativity but also elucidated their understanding of nutrition’s pivotal role in our daily lives.

“The palette of nutrition is a daily dose of wellness we serve ourselves.”

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