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‘Journey beyond the classroom’! – Season 3 – Episode 4 @ CPSGS, ANN

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The students had a brand-new beginning today as they continued their hike to the Bangaaru Konda Golden Boulder Mountain Hill.
The experience was breathtaking, filled with adventure as they scaled rocks to reach the boulder at the summit.
The real challenge was getting down the mountain where they analysed all possible risk factors in finding their own way to reach the campus. They trailed through the hard rocks and they achieved it as a team reached the campus and had their lunch.
The evening started with the theme celebration by splitting the whole group into two teams. One became chefs and the other entertainers. The students were  excited that they had to cook for today’s dinner.The cooking crew thoroughly loved learning basic cooking techniques like chopping vegetables, and by the time they were finished, they felt like chefs capable of preparing various foods in a superior manner.
The other team  entertained everyone with their theatre skills and music and the day ended with today’s reflections.
Appreciable point is how none of our students complained and adapted wonderfully to the new environment!
Stay tuned for further updates!

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