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On July 5th, CPS Global School, TMZ indulged in the sweet joy of World Chocolate Day with an exciting and hands-on chocolate-making event by our IGCSE Yr 1 and DP 1 students.The day was filled with laughter, creativity, and of course, the irresistible allure of chocolate.

Students began the celebration by exploring a variety of compound chocolate flavours, including rich dark chocolate, creamy milk chocolate, and smooth white chocolate. The first step in our chocolate adventure was to chop the chocolate bars into small, even pieces to ensure quick and consistent melting. Meanwhile, another group busily prepared an assortment of chopped nuts, ready to be sprinkled on top of our creations.

With the ingredients prepped, they moved on to the delicate process of melting the chocolate. Using a hot water bath, students carefully melted the chocolate, taking care to avoid any water mixing in and spoiling the texture. The melted chocolate was then poured into moulds, ready to be transformed into delightful treats. Each student had the opportunity to personalize their chocolates, adding a sprinkle of nuts and a dash of colourful sprinkles.

The fun and excitement didn’t stop there. They also prepared a special treat using everyone’s favourite, Oreos. Students from CIE 1 and CIE 2 eagerly placed Oreos on sticks, dipped them into the melted chocolate, and adorned them with sprinkles, creating delicious and whimsical chocolate-covered Oreo pops.

The event was a delightful blend of learning and fun, as students not only enjoyed the process of making their own chocolates but also gained a hands-on understanding of how their favourite treats are made. The joy on their faces as they crafted and tasted their creations was the perfect way to celebrate World Chocolate Day.

At CPS Global School, TMZ we believe in creating memorable experiences that blend education with enjoyment. Our World Chocolate Day celebration was a sweet success, leaving everyone with happy memories and a taste for more culinary adventures.

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