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Bay of Life @ CPSGS, ANN

Every Location can become a learning destination – Blue flag beach (Kovalam)
On 7th January 2023, our  IGYR 1 to A level students were all set and excited for their IAYP – Preliminary Journey and the planned experiential learning with Bay of Life.
Upon arrival, we had brief sessions with the Bay of life team about the Marine Ecosystem, this definitely widened our students’ knowledge enormously. They had the best and unique way of learnings, about the coastal formation, direction identifications near sea, community of marine organisms, on how they interact with each other, and  non – living environment, including physical and chemical factors. Students were able to dwell into the marine life discussions and also learn about a plethora of live specimens.
And then, they went on to experience the different water sports activities. It was a heartening sight, as we watched them enjoy and learn simultaneously, in their collective warm up sessions, theory sessions of  body balance and the relative safety measures.  After which, they were segregated into small teams to experience Kayaking, Noodle float, Surfing – It does not suffice to say that they had a blast learning and experiencing the different water sports activities.
Overall, in this trip in partnership with the Bay of life team,  we witnessed our students growing as a team and looking out for each other too – which became the crux for a preliminary journey.

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