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A session on organ donation @ CPSGS ANN

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The tumult of the beating heart, the synchrony of the cardiovascular with the rhythm of every breath, this mellifluous orchestra of the hepatic, renal and the adrenaline. This masterful melody is the one that helps keep this vital machine in place. But this marvel is fragile. Perishable. Mortal — And prone to disease. Not all of us are blessed with the gift of working organs.

Millions of people are in dire need of an organ every single minute. Organ donation is the need of the hour, but it is rarely discussed. The waiting list for availing organs and other body parts, is several miles long, in contrast to the near non-existent donor lost. Thus making it clearly impossible for the several waiting members of our community to receive the care that they require. This is the sole reason why the Institute of burns and reconstructive surgery delivered a presentation about the immediate need for organ donation at CPSGS Annanagar on the 11th of July. This eye-opening speech was delivered by Professor Ramadevi, Head of Plastic Surgery Department, KMC. The eminent surgeon, whose latest accolade has been the first successful double hand transplant in Tamil Nadu. Her speech brought about awareness among the students of this desperate situation. In the context of organ donation week, Before the body succumbs to time, it may just be the perfect time to save someone’s life.

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