Waterford Early Learning Program

Today, learning environment has expanded to facilitate globalisation in all quarters. At CPS GS through a well planned curriculum, we commit a holistic learning, encouraging innovation, creativity and social responsibility, enabling your child to face the world with confidence.

A Level school

Waterford Early Learning Program is a multi-sensory curriculum that uses focused instruction to teach children fundamental skills necessary to start successful schooling.

A Level school

Grades: ELP 1 to 3 | Age Group: 2 1/2 to 4 1/2 years

Curriculum Outline:-


International Baccalaureate School

Develops awareness of individual sounds in words

Global school in Chennai

Systematically builds from no reading to confident reading

International School Chennai

Develops vocabulary & is introduced to concepts of written language


Number recognition, place value and counting

Relationship between adding & subtracting & Mental math (speed practice)

Develops a foundational understanding of measurement, time & money


Observe a simple system over time e.g. growth of a plant

Develops an understanding of living things: plants, animals & ecosystems

An awareness of environment, conservation & safety measures

Lesson Sequence:-

Introduction of the concept

Practice - to work on and explore

Application - use of acquired knowledge

Assessment - to determine if child is ready for the next stage

Review - helps ensure students retain what was learnt

Global school in Chennai
International Baccalaureate School

Cambridge Primary is typically for learners aged 5 to 11 years. It develops learner skills and understanding through the primary years in English, Math and Science.

International residential school

Grades: 1 to 5 | Age Group: 5 to 11 years

Global School



  • Grammar and punctuation
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking and listening


  • Principles
  • Patterns
  • Systems
  • Functions & relationships


  • Scientific enquiry
  • Ideas and evidence
  • Plan investigative work
  • Obtain and present evidence
  • Consider evidence and approach