Privacy Policy

Thank you for being here! Please go through our privacy policy before providing any personal information. We inform you that the policies are liable to change and we update all the changes on this page. Please check for updates.
  • All personal information collected is secure and used only by the school. Personal information includes, student’s name, parents name, postal address, telephone number, mobile number, email address, date of birth of the student, family details, payment information, medical history, parent’s occupation and salary details and contact information of relatives who visit the school.
  • Personal information is collected by means of application form, through meetings, interviews and telephonic conversation.
  • We respect the trust parents and students have on our institution and work towards securing personal information purely for official purpose and we do not involve in selling personal information to third party.
  • Though personal information of students can be shared by authorized persons from government department, doctors who visit our school, sports instructors and others related to the school.
  • Access to information for business purpose is limited.
  • All information sent to parents regarding the progress of the student is through post, email, SMS and phone call. Information can contain fee reminders, cultural activities, sports and extra curricular activities that are conducted by the school.
  • Personal information collected for various purposes remain on our computer disks and is used by us for review.
  • Information pertaining to school activities and other developmental issues are sent to you on a regular basis but it is the discretion of the parents/students to unsubscribe to the mails.
  • Though we take extreme care to protect your personal information, there are chances that the information may be transferred out of the country depending on the server location.
  • Our administrative and technical staff take utmost care to see to that your personal information is not lost or misused by any means.

On accepting our privacy policy you are agreeing to disclose your personal information for the purpose cited in the statement.

For further queries on Privacy Policy contact our school authorities.